Main Dishes

Chicken - £8.99 Lamb – £9.99 Prawn - £8.99

Vegetable - £7.99 Chicken Tikka - £9.99 Lamb Tikka - £10.99

Choose one of the following mains with chicken, lamb,

prawn, chicken tikka, lamb tikka or vegetable:

46. Korma (Mild)

Very mild, sweet and creamy texture. It is cooked with

coconut, cashew nuts and fresh cream.

47. Bhuna (Medium)

Medium strength dish cooked with fresh herbs,

spices, onions and tomatoes.

48. Rogan Josh (Medium)

It is cooked in herb, spices and lots of tomatoes.

A good dish for those who love tomatoes.

49. Dupiaza (Medium)

Lots of onions added to create a savoury dish tempered

by a hint of herbal aromatics. A dry dish.

50. Sagwalla (Spinach – Medium)

Delicious and one of the effective uses of spinach.

A good dish for those who love spinach.

51. Dhansak (Lentils – Hot)

Prepared in a sweet, sour and fairly hot sauce

thickened with lentils. Sweet and sour taste.

52. Madras (Fairly Hot)

Madras is a fairly hot sauce. It contains interesting flavours

in the form of tomatoes, lemon and chillies.

53. Vindaloo (Hot)

Cooked in a hot sauce with chunks of potatoes and lots

of chillies and hot spices. Spicier than a madras.

54. Balti

Cooked with pickles, coriander, herbs and spices. Can

be cooked to a spicier level. Please inform the staff.