1. Onion Bhaji (v) - £3.99

Finely chopped onions and coriander prepared with herbs and spices (deep fried).

2. Lamb or Vegetable Samosa - £3.99

Minced lamb (or mixed vegetables) seasoned with herbs – wrapped

with pads and crispy fried.

3. Garlic Lounge Prawns - £5.99

Tiger prawns tossed in butter, garlic, lemon juice and honey.

4. Chicken Tikka, Malai Tikka or Paneer Tikka- £4.99

Chicken tikka - tender pieces of chicken (boneless) marinated in yoghurt, cream and spices. Malai tikka - chicken marinated in cheese as well. Paneer Tikka - indian cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt and spices. Cooked in high temperature in a clay oven.

5. Calamari Batter Fry - £5.99

Squid ring deep fried in batter with a little bit of spice and ajwain (schizocarps).

6. Lounge Mix Starter - £5.99

Lounge - a mixed combination of chicken tikka, malai tikka and sheek kebab.

Served with salad and sauces.

7. Vegetable Mix Starter - £5.99

A mixed combination of onion bhaji, vegetable samosa, baby aubergine and paneer tikka. Served with salad and sauces.

8. Spicy Konjee Lamb - £5.99

Clay oven cooked lamb tikka pan fried with mushroom,

peppers, soya, honey and sweet chilli sauce.

9. King Prawn Butterfly - £6.49

King prawn flattened out, then coated in a mildly spiced batter and deep fried.

10. Chicken Chilli Fry - £5.99

Thin sliced chicken tikka stir-fried with green chilli, herbs, coriander and spices.

11. Whitebait Fish - £5.99

Whitebait fish marinated in garlic and chillies, rolled in flour batter and crispy fried.

12. Sheek Kebab - £5.99

Minced lamb seasoned with mint, coriander and onions. Grilled in oven clay.

13. Prawn Puri - £5.99

Small prawns stir-fried in a medium spiced sauce.

Served with deep fried, puffed thin bread.

14. Ragda Pati (v) - £5.99

Marinated potatoes stuffed with spicy lentils and

chutney. Served with chick peas and sauces.

15. Lentil or Veg Soup (v) - £4.99