Fish / King Prawn Dishes

73. Tilapia Fish Bhuna - £9.99

Tilapia fish cooked in a medium spiced thick sauce with

herbs, spices, onions and tomatoes.

74. Goan Fish Curry - £12.99

Marinated telapiafillet deep fried with hot spices.

Cooked with thick coconut and curry leaf sauce.

75. Crab Masala - £11.99

Crab meat cooked with coconut milk. Hot dish.

76. Salmon Mirchi Walla - £15.99

Salmon wrapped in banana leaf – spiced with

green chilli and coriander. Served with pilau rice.

77. King Prawn Special - £16.99

King prawns cooked in any style such as massala,

bhuna, jalfrezi etc. Please inform the staff.