Lounge Specials

16. Mango Garlic Chicken - £10.99

Chicken cooked in mango chutney and Chef’s exotic ingredients. Mild dish.

17. Lamb Kebab Karahi - £10.99

Mince lamb cooked in medium spices with onions and peppers. Served sizzling.

18. Chicken Chilli Bayang - £10.99

Slices of chicken marinated in herbs and spices, cooked

in hot and thick sauce. An exotic flavour.

19. Lamb Kaddu - £12.99

Pieces of lamb cooked with butternut, spices and garlic

in a medium sauce. Served in butternut squash.

20. Duck Bhuna - £12.99

Medium spiced slices of duck breast oven-grilled and served in thick medium sauce.

21. Ak-Bari Lamb Shank - £16.99

Signature dish. A fashionable bone cut from the end of

the leg cooked in sauce. Served with pilau rice.

22. Tava Gosht Lahori - £10.99

Lamb tikka pan fried with spices, herbs, garlic and

juliennes of ginger root. Served sizzling.

23. Chicken or Lamb Green Chilli - £10.99

Chicken or Lamb cooked with green chillies, coriander and

mint to make a distinct green chilli curry.

24. Beef or Lamb Naga - £10.99

Tender pieces of beef or lamb cooked with spices and

naga chilli (also known as ghost pepper). Very hot.

25. Lamb or Beef Qasuri Methi - £10.99

Lamb or beef cooked with onions, qasurimethiand spices in medium thick sauce.

26. Sweet Chicken Chilli - £10.99

Chicken tikka cooked in sweet chillisauce. Fusion taste and quite popular.

27. Chicken Kebab Karahi - £10.99

Chicken kebab cooked in medium spices with onions and peppers. Served sizzling.

28. Chicken or Lamb Butta - £10.99

Chicken tikka or Lamb tikka cooked in a thick medium sauce with sweetcorns.

29. Duck Special - £13.99

Duck breast marinated with spices and roasted in oven with

sauce honey. Served with mash potatoes.

30. Sea Bassergine - £13.99

Sea bass stuffed with garnished aubergineand spices.

It is then grilled and served with pilau rice.

31. Lamb Bhindi special - £10.99

Lamb cooked with bhindi with herbs and spices in a medium sauce.